The Lavender Wheat Bag - £12.99

The three Sectioned Lavender Wheat Bag is the most versatile Wheat Bag in our range and is designed to fit comfortably around the neck, over a shoulder, snuggle into the lumbar region, or simply wrap around an arm or leg.

Not only does the Wheat Bag provide relief for the aches and pains suffered from activity in the gym or on the sports field, it also provides that essential feeling of well-being. It is the definitive answer for the relief of arthritic pain or sports injury.

The essential feeling of well-being generated by a warmed Wheat Bag around the neck, relaxes the whole body, and the addition of lavender adds soporific properties, enhancing the healing qualities of this clever device.

Simply heat the bag in a microwave for two to three minutes to feel its relaxant effect on muscles, easing pain in seconds, soothing the whole body with its penetrating warmth.

Our Lavender Wheat Bags can be used hot as an alternative to a hot water bottle...

The Lavender Wheat Bag can also be used cold as an alternative to frozen packs of peas or ice. Just place the bag - inside its clear PVC purse - in the freezer for a couple of hours and then use on the area of discomfort...

The Wheat Bag is now a recognised healer; it is used in many hospitals all over Britain and really does relieve suffering by alleviating stress and soothing pain.

As medication is not always a possible answer for muscle damage or aching joints, and in many cases would not be the chosen route for long term pain relief, the Wheat Bag, as a wholly natural remedy, which is safely and effectively re-usable, provides the perfect answer.

All Original Wheat Bag Company products are made only with the finest natural ingredients.